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Art and Music at your fingertips, a world where creativity takes centre stage. Experience the profound universality of art and music, the timeless languages that effortlessly stir the depths of our hearts and souls. Join this thrilling journey, and if you're inspired, take the next step to make these extraordinary creations a part of your world. Print them on Pixels.com, mint them on Objkt.com, and let the magic of SpaDogs' art and music enrich your life. Music can be licensed for commercial use on Pond5.com

God's Garden

This collection of of art is a captivating series of ten abstract paintings, each inspired by the emotional narrative of this poignant song. These artworks traverse the spectrum of the human experience, capturing the highs and lows of life's intricate dance. Vivid strokes and celestial motifs convey fleeting moments, while others explore the delicate balance between comfort and isolation. 

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Time Particles

This series of abstract paintings draws inspiration from a musical composition “Time Partials” originally recorded in 1979. Each painting in the series captures a unique facet of the music's evolution, employing a diverse range of visual techniques and colour palettes. 

From muted, ghostly echoes that pay homage to the lo-fi origins to vibrant and harmonious canvases representing transformation, the paintings collectively evoke a journey through time and sound. 

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Sea Change

This collection of paintings is a kaleidoscopic journey through the intangible realms of emotion and memory. Each canvas tells a vivid story, inviting viewers to explore a spectrum of experiences. Bold strokes and vibrant hues bring to life the exuberance of youthful dreams, capturing moments of joy, love, and shared music in Golden Gate Park. Soft, muted tones transport the observer to the tranquil days in the height of summer, where whispers of aspirations linger in the breeze. 

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