Shattered Art and Music

You are cordially invited to this exclusive gallery experience, a journey through the world of emotions and self-discovery, where lyrics are transformed into captivating abstract art.

Experience Emil's visual storytelling as you explore this collection of abstract paintings inspired by the profound lyrics to “Shattered”.  Each piece serves as a unique interpretation, a canvas where emotions and inner worlds find form.

Step into a world where colours dance with abandon, where the essence of fearlessness is brought to life. Emil has skillfully transformed the lyrics of his song “Shattered” into captivating masterpieces, capturing moments of innocence, loss, and the human quest for self-discovery.

Print and Mint this Collection

The paintings in the "Shattered" collection can be minted on or printed on  Mintable Art in this collection is 6000 x 6000 pixels, suitable for printing or projecting on buildings. 

Music from this collection can be licensed for commercial use on

All Music, video and images are free-to-use and are licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

Listen and Mint - Shattered" is a poignant and introspective song that delves into the innocence of a young mind, as it faces a world filled with prejudice and misunderstanding. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of dreams crushed by societal norms and expectations, highlighting the pain and longing for acceptance. 

"A World of Tears" is an emotive and evocative abstract painting that conjures a profound sense of raw, unfiltered emotion. The canvas is awash with a striking and somber colour palette, dominated by deep shades of indigo and navy, creating an atmosphere of profound sadness and melancholy. The focal point of the composition is a cascade of intricate, tear-like forms, each with a unique, delicate texture. 

"Eyes of Freedom" This abstract masterpiece channels the idea of fearless eyes and dancing spirits into a surreal display of vivid colours and dynamic shapes. The central element appears as a pair of eyes gazing boldly into the infinite expanse, surrounded by a whirlwind of vibrant forms that evoke a sense of joy and liberation. The painting exudes a feeling of unburdened freedom and boundless possibilities, encapsulating the essence of the lyrics.

"Innocence Unveiled" This abstract painting captures the essence of an open-eyed world devoid of fear. The canvas comes alive with vibrant, dancing colours that seem to float and twist, creating a sense of weightlessness. The central theme portrays a figure, both dancing and naked, seemingly suspended in the air, their body formed by ethereal brushstrokes. Emil skillfully conveys the purity of an innocent mind through this surreal composition, where dreams become tangible, and the world is a playground of possibility.

"Lost in Time" This painting tells a story of dreams lost to the relentless march of time. The colours and shapes seem to swirl in a whirlwind of emotions, as if memories are being carried away by the wind. The central image, reminiscent of a clock's face, symbolizes the passage of time and the fleeting nature of innocence. The vivid contrasts and fragmented forms evoke a sense of longing for a world that once was, now fading into the mists of history.

"Shattered Dreams" This painting embodies the ultimate sense of fragmentation and disarray, as if the dreams described in the lyrics have shattered into countless pieces. The canvas is filled with broken forms and chaotic brushwork, capturing the emotions of loss and despair. The fragmented elements are symbolic of the irrevocable damage that can occur when dreams are crushed and innocence is lost.

"Song of Solitude" Within the abstract chaos of colours and shapes, there is a lone figure that seems to be singing a love song. Yet, they are surrounded by a void, isolated and adrift in a sea of uncertainty. The painting speaks to the conflict between expressing one's true self and the fear of societal judgment. The vibrant, but isolated, figure exemplifies the inner turmoil that arises when authenticity clashes with conformity.

"The Clown's Descent" This abstract composition conjures a poignant image of a neighbour who worked as a clown and met a tragic end when his inner demons brought down his metaphorical plane. The painting is filled with somber tones and disjointed forms, evoking the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface. The abstract face of a clown symbolizes the descent into despair, serving as a powerful commentary on the struggles that often remain hidden from the world's view.

"The Dichotomy of Identity" This abstract composition portrays the intricate and often contradictory nature of identity. Colourful interwoven abstract figures dominate the canvas. They dance in a delicate balance, symbolizing the duality that many individuals face in their quest for self-discovery. The intricate lines and complex juxtapositions represent the internal struggle of reconciling one's true self with societal expectations.

"Toy of Gender" In a captivating portrayal of gender identity struggles, this abstract painting unfolds a narrative of a child who wins a prize as the best-dressed girl, only to have it taken away upon discovering their true identity. The canvas is filled with intricate patterns and dualities, reflecting the complexity of gender and the vulnerability of youth. It's a poignant representation of the journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

"Whispers of Acceptance" In this abstract artwork, the theme of longing for acceptance and understanding takes shape through subtle and delicate strokes. Rich hues dominate the canvas, creating an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. The painting portrays the quest for self-acceptance and the solace found in the search for one's place in the world.

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