The Vig Art and Music

"The Vig (Vigorish also known as juice, the cut, the take, the margin) captures the fleeting nature of fame and the disappointment that can accompany it. "

This vibrant art collection explores the emotional journey and complex dynamics of chasing fame and recognition in the realm of creativity. The paintings delve into the fleeting nature of acclaim, capturing moments of surprise, disbelief, and disappointment. 

Bold and dynamic brushstrokes convey the hunger and dreams behind the artist's pursuit, while symbolic elements such as unraveled threads, pulled rugs, and vigilant gazes depict the challenges and setbacks faced on the path to visibility. The collection's palette ranges from explosive bursts of colour to dark, muted tones, reflecting the highs and lows of the artistic journey. 

Through diverse compositions, the artist conveys the paradoxical emotions of both anticipation and letdown, creating a visually compelling narrative that resonates with the universal theme of seeking validation in the world of art and creativity.

This collection draws its essence from a vivid cautionary narrative. Take heed of the enticing promises that accompany requests for payment to showcase your art. It's not a celebration of your talent; rather, it's a cunning attempt to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Print and Mint this Collection

The paintings in the "The Vig" collection can be minted on or printed on  Mintable Art in this collection is 6000 x 6000 pixels, suitable for printing or projecting on buildings. Music from this collection can be licensed for commercial use on

All Music, video and images are free-to-use and are licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

“The Vig (Vigorish also known as juice, the cut, the take, the margin) captures the fleeting nature of fame and the disappointment that can accompany it.”

The lyrics pulsate with the thrill of a genuine moment in the spotlight, embodying the tangible experience of "fifteen seconds of fame."

"Artistic Echoes" A layered and textured painting that echoes the artist's desire for their art to be seen. The repetition of shapes and colours creates a visual rhythm, emphasizing the persistence of the dream despite setbacks.

"Dreams Unraveled" A visually striking piece featuring tangled and unraveled threads, representing dreams. The vivid colours evoke the hunger and ambition behind the creative process, while the unraveling threads symbolize the challenges and uncertainties encountered on the path to recognition.

"Eyes of Disbelief" This painting conveys disbelief and astonishment at the unexpected turns of the artistic journey. The eyes in the artwork are the focal point, wide and expressive, reflecting the overwhelming emotions experienced during fleeting fame.

"Fleeting Hues of Surprise" A vibrant canvas depicting bold streaks of colour that symbolize the transient nature of fame, with explosive bursts of excitement and surprise. The central theme revolves around the ephemeral "fifteen seconds of fame," captured through dynamic brushstrokes and contrasting shades.

"Hungry Palette" A painting characterized by a voracious and eclectic mix of colours, symbolizing the hunger for recognition. The palette appears insatiable, reflecting the  relentless pursuit of visibility and appreciation.

"Rug Pulled" Depicting a literal rug being pulled away, this artwork serves as a metaphor for the unexpected setbacks faced by artists. The vibrant colours of the rug contrast with the darker background, highlighting the abruptness of the disappointment.

"Shrugging Shadows" Dark hues dominate this painting, capturing the disappointment expressed when others merely shrug at the art. The shadows and muted tones convey a sense of isolation and frustration while grappling with unmet expectations.

"Surveillance Spectrum" This piece explores the concept of the world watching, with a spectrum of eyes and lenses capturing the artist's every move. The kaleidoscope of colours represents the diverse perspectives and scrutiny that fame brings, both awe-inspiring and overwhelming.

"Vigilant Vibrations" A dynamic composition featuring vibrating lines and energetic patterns, symbolizing the anticipation when paying the “Vig" in hopes of a significant payoff. The lively vibrations convey a sense of optimism and excitement before the letdown.

"Worldly Reflections" Using abstract art to represent reflective surfaces, this artwork captures the world watching the art in awe. Mirrored elements symbolize the art's impact on the world and the reflection of the art in the eyes of the audience during those fleeting fifteen seconds of fame.

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