Astrology Art and Music

Enter an abstract realm that pays tribute to the zodiac signs, capturing their unique attributes through a stunning interplay of colours, forms, and energies. These vibrant paintings offer an exquisite opportunity to delve into the essence of each sign. 

From Aries' fiery determination to Taurus' earthy stability, Gemini's dual nature, and Cancer's emotional depth, you'll embark on a visual journey through the zodiac. Each artwork is a testament to the power of art to convey the complexities of human nature and astrological influence. 

Print and Mint Music this Collection

The abstract paintings from the "Mythical Gods" collection can be printed on or minted on  Music from this collection can be licensed for commercial use on

All Music, is free-to-use and is licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

Listen to and Mint Astrology

Listen and Mint - Guitar, Cello, Choir, Bass, ContinuuMini, Etherwave Theremin and Percussion take you through astronomical cycles on our continued journey to the Stars.  

Mint Aquarius

Aquarius: "Visionary Vibrations" - Electric, unconventional colours and erratic, innovative shapes resonate with Aquarius's visionary and unconventional personality. The artwork embodies the idea of progress, freedom, and originality.

Mint Aries

Aries: "Vibrant Vitality" - This dynamic abstract painting bursts with fiery reds and energetic brushstrokes, embodying the impulsive and adventurous spirit of Aries. Bold, untamed shapes collide and intersect, capturing the essence of this passionate and determined zodiac sign.

Mint Cancer

Cancer: "Lunar Lullaby" - Soft, soothing blues and delicate patterns evoke a sense of emotional depth and the moon's gentle influence. Like the crab's protective shell, it embraces the emotional sensitivity and nurturing essence of Cancer.

Mint Capricorn

Capricorn: "Structured Ascent" - Geometric precision and a vibrant colour palette reflect the disciplined and determined Capricorn's commitment to achieving their goals. The painting exudes a sense of organization and ambition.

Mint Gemini

Gemini: "Dual Dimensions" - This artwork is a vivid duality of colours, shapes, and energies, mirroring the multifaceted nature of Gemini. With sharp contrasts and fluid transitions, it reflects the twins' curiosity and adaptability.

Mint Leo

Leo: "Majestic Radiance" - A regal tapestry of colour ignites the canvas, symbolizing the confident and charismatic spirit of Leo. Bold strokes and commanding forms emanate a radiant energy that captures the lion's fearless and vibrant nature.

Mint Libra

Libra: "Harmonious Contrast" - Balanced and graceful, this artwork strikes a harmonious chord with its symmetrical patterns and harmonious blend of contrasting colours. It exemplifies Libra's commitment to fairness and the pursuit of beauty.

Mint Pisces

Pisces: "Dreamy Embrace" - Watery pastels and gentle, flowing forms evoke a dreamy, ethereal quality that mirrors Pisces' imaginative and compassionate nature. The painting envelops you in a world of emotion and intuition.

Mint Sagittarius

Sagittarius: "Expansive Odyssey" - A vast, open canvas filled with bold strokes and vivid, free-spirited colours embodies the adventurous and optimistic nature of Sagittarius. It beckons you on a journey of exploration and growth.

Mint Scorpio

Scorpio: "Mystic Depths" - Dark, intense hues and intricate, enigmatic patterns mirror the mysterious and transformative qualities of Scorpio. The painting exudes an alluring, magnetic pull that captures the sign's intense and passionate character.

Mint Taurus

Taurus: “Bold Elegance" - The painting exudes stability and sensuality through rich, textured bold tones and gentle, flowing lines. Like a serene landscape, it echoes Taurus's connection to nature and their deep-rooted determination.

Mint Virgo

Virgo: "Analytical Abstraction" - Precision and order merge in this composition of clean lines, intricate details, and bold yet, calming colours, reflecting Virgo's methodical and analytical tendencies. The painting emanates a sense of purity and refinement.