Hurricane Art and Music

You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant expressions and captivating narratives as we celebrate the fusion of music and visual art.

This collection of ten vibrant and expressive abstract paintings serves as a visual tapestry of an emotional journey.  Each painting offers a unique perspective on the intricacies of love and emotions showcasing a diverse and captivating range of visual narratives.

Swirling colours symbolize the unpredictability of love's beginnings, radiant, iridescent hues are used to portray the ethereal and unbreakable connection between two souls. Warm, rich tones convey the enduring bliss of an intimate embrace, while bold and empowering colours symbolize the quest for personal growth and transformation. Cosmic imagery represents the profound connection shared by lovers, and a riot of colours depicts the emotional highs and lows of a passionate relationship. 

In contrast, darker and vivid colours convey the anguish of parting from a love that caused pain, and a harmonious blend of shades symbolizes the serendipitous alignment of love's forces. The concept of a love transcending time and space is captured through dreamy, ethereal shades, and vibrant colours mirror the transformative power of a profound connection. 

Print and Mint this Collection

The paintings in the "Hurricane" collection can be minted on or printed on  Mintable Art in this collection is 6000 x 6000 pixels, suitable for printing or projecting on buildings. Music from this collection can be licensed for commercial use on

All Music, video and images are free-to-use and are licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

Listen and Mint - "Hurricane" - The song's lyrics describe the emotional journey of a love story, from a serendipitous meeting during a metaphorical hurricane to the deep and lasting connection that follows. The lyrics evoke feelings of joy, gratitude, and the transformative power of love, emphasizing the impact of a significant encounter on the author's life. 

"Whirlwind of Love" - This vibrant abstract painting captures the essence of love's unpredictable journey with its swirling, intense colours and dynamic composition, mirroring the chaos of a hurricane where two souls met, forever changing their lives.

"Eternal Connection" - This painting is an exploration of the unbreakable bond formed when two hearts collided like magic, represented by the shimmering, iridescent colours that dance across the canvas like sparks in the night sky.

"Love's Embrace" - The rich, warm hues in this abstract piece symbolize the enduring passion and the lasting highs experienced when two people come together, showcasing the beauty of love's embrace.

"Reclaiming Myself" - This painting tells the story of personal growth and transformation, where bold, empowering colours are used to represent the journey of self-discovery and the desire to become a better version of oneself.

"Celestial Love" - The cosmic imagery in this artwork illustrates the celestial connection between two souls, as they find love so extraordinary that it seems almost otherworldly, with stars aligning in the background.

"Love's Melody" - This painting captures the melodies of love in a riot of colours, embodying the wild and passionate emotions experienced in a tumultuous relationship.

"Painful Departure" - A stark juxtaposition of deep, somber shades and vivid, electric hues that combine to evoke an overwhelming sense of sorrow and emotional turmoil. The contrasting colours serve as a powerful metaphor for the heart-wrenching experience of bidding farewell.

"Blameless Stars" - This abstract painting encapsulates the idea that sometimes, external forces align perfectly, symbolized by the harmony of colours and shapes, and love can bloom blamelessly like the stars in the night sky.

"Timeless Encounter" - The timeless quality of love is the focal point of this artwork, represented through the dreamy, ethereal colours and forms that evoke the magic of an encounter that changes one's life forever.

"Glad You Came"  The canvas comes alive with an exuberant celebration of the transformative power of love. The composition skillfully utilizes a kaleidoscope of radiant, warm colours that seem to dance across the surface, mirroring the intense and joyful emotions of a profound encounter. 

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