Galaxies Art and Music

Explore a captivating collection of bold, abstract, geometric paintings, each revealing a cosmic journey. These artworks represent celestial wonders, from cosmic comets streaking through space to the majestic gaze of cosmic eyes. 

Witness the transformative power of celestial butterflies, the awe of cosmic explosions, and the enigmatic beauty of black holes. Delve into the mysteries of cosmic black eyes and navigate the celestial expanse with cosmic navigators. 

Whether you're drawn to the cosmic odyssey of Andromeda or the unity of celestial connections, each piece ignites a sense of wonder, adventure, and reverence. Join us as we embark on this remarkable cosmic voyage, and immerse yourself in the thrill of celestial exploration.

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All Music, is free-to-use and is licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

Listen and Mint - Guitar, Cello, Bass, Vibes, Synths and Percussion take you on a Journey to the Stars.  

Milky Way: "Galactic Veil" - "Milky Way" is a mesmerizing display of bold, geometric shapes that evoke a cosmic veil, symbolizing the enigmatic beauty and vast expanse of our home galaxy that beckons explorers to journey through its celestial folds.

Fireworks: "Celestial Sparklers" - "Fireworks" bursts with bold geometric shapes that create a cosmic display of radiant colours and explosive patterns, symbolizing the dazzling brilliance of the universe and the thrill of cosmic spectacles.

Backward: "Celestial Reversal" - "Backward" is a bold representation of a celestial body in reverse, symbolizing the thrill of cosmic discoveries and the wonder of celestial oddities, igniting a sense of curiosity and adventure.

Blackhole: "Celestial Abyss" - "Blackhole" is depicted with bold geometric shapes that evoke the sense of a celestial abyss, representing the mysteries and wonder of cosmic black holes, igniting a sense of curiosity and reverence.

Cigar: "Cosmic Aroma" - "Cigar" is portrayed with bold geometric designs that evoke the aromatic allure of a celestial cigar, representing the intrigue and wonder of this cosmic body, igniting a sense of excitement and reverence.

Sculptor: "Celestial Artistry" - "Sculptor" is a captivating blend of bold geometric patterns, forming a celestial masterpiece, embodying the artistic thrill of cosmic exploration and creation.

Southern Pinwheel: "Southern Radiance" - "Southern Pinwheel" is a spectacle of a bold geometric spiral, exuding a radiant, symmetrical energy that captures the excitement of traversing the cosmic beauty of the southern sky.

Wolf: "Cosmic Lupine" - "Wolf" embodies the spirit of adventure, where bold shapes converge to create an abstract cosmic wolf, whose dynamic form evokes the thrill of venturing to the far reaches of the universe.

Tadpole: "Cosmic Genesis" - "Tadpole" bursts with dynamic shapes and bold lines, forming the abstract representation of celestial tadpoles amidst a cosmic backdrop. The painting symbolizes the birth of galaxies, a concept that evokes the excitement and wonder of cosmic creation.

Peekaboo: "Cosmic Curiosity" - "Peekaboo" features a bold, abstract feline geometry peering through a celestial keyhole, symbolizing the curiosity and wonder that spark our cosmic adventures.