Forgiveness Art and Music

This captivating collection of abstract paintings draws inspiration from the evocative lyrics of the song "Forgiveness." Each artwork breathes life into the profound themes of the song, skillfully translating the emotional journey of being lost and seeking forgiveness into a visual tapestry of colour and form. 

This collection navigates the complex terrain of forgiveness, exploring facets like true forgiveness, divine forgiveness, and the heartfelt pursuit of reconciliation. From ethereal dreamscapes to dynamic bursts of colour, each painting captures the essence of the lyrics, conveying a range of emotions—from the depths of longing and the shadows of the past to the radiant renewal of spirit. 

Print and Mint this Collection

The paintings in the "Forgiveness" collection can be minted on or printed on  There is only one edition of each mintable Music and Art NFT in this collection. Paintings are 6000 x 6000 pixels, suitable for printing or projecting on buildings.   Music from this collection can be licensed for commercial use on

All Music, video and images are free-to-use and are licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

"Forgiveness" is a sonorous and emotive musical composition that seamlessly weaves a rich tapestry of sound, featuring a symphony of cellos, violins, and a full orchestra. The orchestral arrangement lends a lush and dynamic backdrop to the song, creating a cinematic experience that mirrors the intricate emotions embedded in the lyrics. 

Aurora of Renewal: This painting embodies the concept of forgiveness as a radiant renewal of spirit. Inspired by the lyrics' theme of finding light and renewal, the artwork features a vibrant aurora of colours swirling and converging, symbolizing the transformative power of forgiveness in illuminating the path forward.

Celestial Resonance: Inspired by the divine forgiveness theme, this painting evokes a celestial atmosphere with cosmic swirls of colour. The ethereal glow and celestial patterns represent a higher, spiritual forgiveness. The artwork invites contemplation on the profound and transformative nature of forgiveness beyond the human realm.

Chromatic Rebirth: Bold and dynamic, this painting features a burst of intense colours signifying the cathartic process of asking for forgiveness. The vibrant brushstrokes and expressive forms convey the urgency and sincerity of the plea for forgiveness, creating a visually striking representation of the emotional journey.

Ethereal Atmosphere: This painting captures the essence of "Forgiveness" with a dreamlike landscape of swirling pastel hues. Wisps of light intertwine with shadows, symbolizing the journey of being lost in life and the quest for forgiveness. The ethereal atmosphere evokes a sense of longing, reflecting the lyrics and the search for both personal and divine forgiveness.

Harmony Unmatched: A symphony of harmonious colours dances across the canvas, portraying the intricate layers of forgiveness. The painting conveys a sense of unity and understanding, capturing the essence of true forgiveness. The interplay of hues creates a visual melody, echoing the emotional depth of the lyrics and the idea of reconciliation.

Infinite Grace: Layers of patterns and colours intertwine, creating a sense of depth and complexity that mirrors the multifaceted nature of honest forgiveness. The painting captures the depth of emotion and the transparency required for genuine forgiveness, inviting viewers to explore the intricate tapestry of emotions within the artwork.

Luminous Redemption: Radiant beams of light burst through a dark, abstract abyss in this painting, representing the transformative power of forgiveness. The play of vibrant colours against the backdrop of darkness signifies the process of leaving the past behind and seeking forgiveness. The composition exudes a hopeful energy, echoing the theme of finding light and embracing a new beginning.

Mystical Rhapsody: In this enchanting painting, an interplay of vibrant colours dances across the canvas, creating a mystical rhapsody that resonates with the essence of forgiveness. The use of iridescent hues suggests the fluidity of the forgiveness journey, capturing the elusive and transcendent quality of the theme. "Mystical Rhapsody" stands as a visual poem, a lyrical exploration of forgiveness that transcends the tangible and invites contemplation on the intangible threads that connect the human spirit to the profound act of letting go and finding redemption.

Resilient Reflections: Abstract shapes and forms intertwine and reflect in this painting, symbolizing the complexity of self-forgiveness. The vibrant colours mirror the internal struggles depicted in the lyrics, while the dynamic composition conveys the resilience required to move forward and leave the past behind.

Transcendent Ripple: Abstract shapes echo and ripple across the canvas in this painting, portraying the echoing impact of forgiveness. The interplay of light and shadow symbolizes the transformative nature of forgiveness, as the past is left behind, and a sense of clarity and light emerges.