Cosmic Cats Art and Music

Join us on an enchanting journey through a celestial menagerie where the feline form meets the cosmic wonders of the universe. This gallery exhibition unveils a collection of bold, abstract and ethereal paintings, each capturing the essence of celestial cats in celestial scenarios. 

From a majestic celestial cat graced by a radiant burst of stars to a playful feline pawing at the cosmic stardust, these artworks immerse you in the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. Witness celestial cats as mythical hunters, dancers of cosmic orbits, and serene gazers of the moon, each resonating with cosmic grace and celestial dreams. 

Explore the celestial cat's unique connection to the moon, the stars, and the entire universe in this extraordinary celestial journey.

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All Music, is free-to-use and is licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International). Attribution: Salt Spring Studios Ltd.

Listen and Mint - Guitars, Violins, Cellos, Bass, Theremin, Percussion and Sound Design, accompany colourful cosmic cats on their Journey to the Stars. 

Altair: "Cosmic Songbird" - In "Altair," a celestial cat perches gracefully amidst celestial notes and starry melodies, embodying the idea of the cat as a cosmic songbird, serenading the universe with its beauty and grace.

Andromeda: "Galactic Odyssey" - "Andromeda" portrays a celestial cat embarking on a celestial odyssey, mirroring the epic journey of the Andromeda galaxy itself. The painting resonates with the sense of cosmic exploration and wonder.

Astro: "Celestial Companion" - In "Astro," a celestial cat becomes the ultimate cosmic companion, gazing at the stars with an air of cosmic camaraderie. The painting exudes a sense of unity and kinship with the cosmos.

Aurora: "Cats of the Polar Lights" - "Aurora" portrays a celestial cat as part of the shimmering beauty of the aurora borealis. The painting embodies the enchanting dance of light in the polar skies and the cat's silent appreciation of the cosmic display.

Celeste: "Cosmic Elegance" - "Celeste" is a vision of a celestial cat framed by the graceful arcs of cosmic bodies. The painting captures the celestial elegance of the heavens and the regal presence of the feline form.

Centauri: "Dual Realms" - "Centauri" portrays a celestial cat caught between two realms, one earthly and one cosmic. The artwork embodies the celestial dualities found in the Alpha Centauri star system.

Comet: "Cosmic Wanderer" - "Comet" captures the whimsical and unpredictable nature of a celestial cat depicted as a comet streaking through the night sky. The painting resonates with the sense of celestial wanderlust and the beauty of celestial transience.

Draco: "Celestial Serpent" - "Draco" portrays a celestial cat intertwined with the constellation Draco, the celestial serpent. The painting embodies the mystique and cosmic elegance of this celestial creature.

Luna: "Goddess of the Night" - In "Luna," a celestial cat transforms into the lunar goddess herself, a divine embodiment of the night. The artwork resonates with the timeless allure of the moon and its role in mythology.

Lune: "Lunar Whispers" - "Lune" is a delicate representation of a celestial cat, seemingly whispering secrets to the moon. The painting embodies the enchanting and mystical connection between felines and the celestial body of the moon.

Moonbeam: "Cats of the Crescent Moon" - "Moonbeam" portrays a celestial cat nestled in the soft curve of a crescent moon. The artwork exudes a sense of celestial dreams and the gentle caress of moonbeams in the night sky.

Moonlight: "Lunar Elegance" - In "Moonlight," a celestial cat gazes at the moon with a sense of serene contemplation. The painting captures the tranquil, glow of moonlight that casts a gentle veil over the cosmic expanse.

Nebula: "Cosmic Clouds" - The ethereal form of a celestial cat melds with the celestial clouds of a nebula, creating a breathtaking fusion of form and cosmic beauty. The painting embodies the wondrous, cloud-like structures where new stars and worlds are born.

Nova: "Cosmic Explosion" - "Nova" is a dynamic, explosive representation of a celestial cat amidst a celestial burst of light and energy. The painting encapsulates the dazzling brilliance of nova events, where stars briefly outshine the rest of the cosmos.

Orbit: "Celestial Circles" - In "Orbit," a celestial cat appears to dance through a cosmic whirl of celestial orbs and planets, emphasizing the beauty and balance in the celestial dance of orbits and paths in the universe.

Orion: "Hunter of the Cosmos" - "Orion" portrays a celestial cat in the image of the mythical hunter. Amidst swirling galaxies and celestial wonders, the cat embodies the strength and grace of the great celestial constellation Orion.

Star: "Cosmic Companion" - In "Star," a majestic celestial cat stands proudly amidst a radiant explosion of vibrant stars. The artwork exudes a sense of regal grace and cosmic unity, celebrating the idea of each star being a companion in the vast cosmic tapestry.

Stardust: "Whiskers of the Universe" - "Stardust" depicts a cat playfully pawing at the cosmic clouds of stardust that surround it. The painting conjures the idea of celestial bodies forming from the remnants of ancient stars, where stardust gives birth to new wonders in the cosmos.

Umbra: "Shadow play in the Cosmos" - "Umbra" is an enigmatic portrayal of a celestial cat, nearly hidden within the deep shadows of the cosmos. In a symphony of vibrant colours, swirling patterns and subtle, elusive forms, we see umbra, otherwise hidden in the darkest part of a shadow during a celestial event.

Vega: "Feline Constellations" - In "Vega," the celestial cat appears to stretch amidst the backdrop of a starry night, merging the elegance of a graceful feline with the radiance of the cosmic heavens. With its cosmic hues and ethereal strokes, the painting weaves a narrative of the celestial Vega, the fifth-brightest star in the night sky.