Art & Music Collectibles

Experience the profound universality of art and music, the timeless languages that effortlessly stir the depths of our hearts and souls. Join this thrilling journey, make these extraordinary creations a part of your world. Print them on, mint them on, and let the magic of SpaDogs' art and music enrich your life. Music can be licensed for commercial use on

Cellphone Zombies

This collection captures the disquieting shift towards a world dominated by technology, where human connections are being lost. 

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World of Pain

This collection of colourful abstract paintings explores themes of emotional pain, resilience, and the struggle for connection within isolation.

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This collection of abstract paintings capture the essence of gratitude through their vibrant colours and dynamic compositions, inviting viewers to reflect on the themes of love, kindness, and interconnectedness.

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This collection of paintings explores a range of human emotions, from confusion and hidden darkness to emotional pain and the burden of sorrow. 

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We Are Done

This collection of paintings takes you on a dark and emotional journey. Some are chaotic and explosive, while others are stark and unsettling. 

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This captivating collection of abstract paintings draws inspiration from the evocative lyrics of the song "Forgiveness."

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Embark on a visual odyssey as you enter the gallery, where ten abstract paintings breathe life into the essence of "Synthetic." 

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